Khmelnytskyi and Zhytomyr regional military commissariats are the partners of HCPSA in informing, advising, recruiting the target audience of the retraining program; the headquarters of the Air Force of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine; Headquarters of the Special Operations Forces, Operational Command “West” of the Land Forces of Ukraine, the State Service for War Veterans and ATO / OSS participants, military educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The corporate image of Khmelnytskyi RCRE is formed through partnerships with government and business, media coverage of events and directly through employed graduates of the retraining programs.

Khmelnytskyi RCRE receives employment support from local authorities and businesses, which recognize the value of the program and demonstrate interest in the direct participation of their representatives in the graduation of participants, media coverage of events and through employed graduates of retraining programs.

The sustainability of the center’s activities is determined by well-established partnerships with military units, military commissariats and non-governmental organizations that facilitate and cooperate in recruiting (recommending candidates and promoting a homogeneous group of students) and training NATO-Ukraine troops. Each graduation is accompanied by a graduation ceremony. These events are always attended by: NATO Program Manager, NATO Liaison Officer in Ukraine, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, government officials, employment services, city and regional military commissariats, employers and the media.

They contribute to the organization of the practical component of the educational process, the creation of an information database on vacancies, provide consulting services on future professional activities. Such cooperation guarantees employment for the graduates of courses not lower than 70%.

The NATO-Ukraine program is implemented with the direct participation and assistance of Partnership Management by the NATO Office in Ukraine (NATO Liaison Office), Khmelnytskyi National University, local and local authorities, military units, and NGO representatives. Such interaction testifies to the support of the Program beneficiaries and its importance for Ukraine. Thanks to the joint efforts, the program is successful and is highly praised. We express our gratitude and appreciate the personal role of NATO-Ukraine Program Manager Christopher Staudt in practical cooperation.