Programmes of Retraining

Today Khmelnytskyi RCRE offers 5 retraining programs: in economic field (2 programs) and in computer field (3 programs):

– “Management” (description and curriculum)

– “Accounting and taxation” (description and curriculum)

– “Design” (description and curriculum)

– “Telecommunications and radio engineering” (description and curriculum)

– “Computer Engineering” (description and curriculum)


Vocational retraining courses are based on the theoretical and practical approaches to the study of disciplines. The foundation for the preparation of retraining curricula are the curricula of the educational and qualification level of a bachelor and a master in the relevant areas of vocational training. The curriculum includes compulsory and elective courses focused on employers’ requests. Each curriculum is designed in the ratio between practical and theoretical classes as 2/3 to 1/3 of the total workload.

The structure and content of the retraining program, its educational and methodological support correspond to the level, allowing students to obtain the necessary basic knowledge of the disciplines provided by the curricula of specialties, which contributes to their employment further on. The applied teaching methods meet the requirements of the Bologna Declaration and the standards of higher education.

During the period of participation in the program and after its completion the students are given the opportunity to use the resources of the university (electronic library, modular learning environment, other available educational resources).

The participants in retraining programs are in demand among such employers as managers, and they are capable to create business and are focused to manage business as owners. The graduates of vocational training programs have strong qualification advantages and are successfully employed.