The organizational structure of Khmelnytsky CRSA functionally reflects the model of retraining management (recruitment, training, employment) including  programs for(economic and computer disciplines) and resources: director, recruitment and employment manager, retraining manager (divided into disciplines – economic and computer).Administrative and managerial functions are performed by 5 employees of the center who have more than 15 years experience in various programs of international cooperation in the field of retraining and social adaptation.

 Khmelnytskyi CRSA is headed by a director.

The director is responsible for organizing the work of the center, communicates with the authorities and the command of military units, monitors the implementation of programs and is responsible for their development, is responsible for the quality of performance under the contract with the customer.

 The director of the Khmelnytsky CRSA reports to the managers of the center, who continuously interact with each other at all stages of retraining programs to combine and integrate measures to achieve the goal of increasing the effectiveness of retraining and social adaptation of ex-servicemen. Decisions and results of activities developed by managers are approved by the director of Khmelnytskyi CRSA. Organizational, legal and financial documentation is part of the document flow of KhNU. Khmelnytsky CRSA fulfills and complies with the requirements and standards of current legislation and KhNU.

The recruitment and employment manager is responsible for informing and recruiting course participants, consulting, marketing and assisting in the employment of course graduates, is responsible for managing the contract concluded with the customer of training services.

The retraining manager (economics and computer science) is responsible for maintaining high quality standards of education by developing, building and implementing the content of vocational training in accordance with state educational standards and the needs of local labor markets for the proposed retraining programs.